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Emerging from Russia, Atmosfera has quickly established its footprint in the live casino domain, with a robust team ensuring seamless 24/7 game broadcast from Armenia.

Quick facts

  • Established in 2020
  • Live casino game creator
  • Studios in Armenia

About the provider

  • Distinctive games
  • Certified gaming assets
  • Seamless HD game broadcast
  • Robust presenter training academy
  • Restricted game collection

Software Features

Atmosfera, a fresh and vibrant player in the casino game development field, has carved out a unique niche with its innovative approach and focus on quality. The company excels in crafting unique games, particularly in the realm of live gaming, where it brings an authentic and personal touch to each offering. Atmosfera’s live games are known for their realism, facilitated by certified gaming machines and high-definition, 24/7 broadcasts. This focus on quality extends to their Game Presenters Academy, where they nurture professional, charismatic talent to maintain the human element in their live games.

The company’s innovative approach is evident in its integration of cutting-edge technology with live gaming experiences. Atmosfera has embraced the latest in streaming and gaming technology to ensure that their live games are not only immersive but also run smoothly across various platforms. This technological prowess, combined with their focus on human interaction, creates a gaming environment that is both trustworthy and engaging, offering players a blend of the best of both worlds.

Looking to the future, Atmosfera shows no signs of slowing down in its pursuit of excellence in live gaming. The company is continuously exploring new ways to enhance player engagement and satisfaction. Whether it’s through introducing new game variants or integrating more interactive elements into their live broadcasts, Atmosfera remains committed to innovating and elevating the live casino gaming experience. As they grow and evolve, their dedication to creating a lively, immersive, and trustworthy gaming atmosphere remains the cornerstone of their success.

Evolution Gaming Casino Software Games

European Bingo Roulette

American Bingo Roulette

Cocktail Roulette

Blackjack by Atmosfera

Provider location

Russia, 77 Mira Avenue, Moscow
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