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About Curacao gaming licence

Securing a Curacao iGaming license offers a swift and cost-effective pathway to kickstart your casino business. While procuring a Curacao Master License, which grants the authority to license others, can be challenging, acquiring a Curacao Sub-license from a Master License holder is relatively straightforward.

Curacao Casino License Requirements

Before pursuing a gambling license in Curacao, it’s essential to be well-informed about the prerequisites for obtaining this license. To secure a Curacao betting license, prospective operators of online casinos, pokers, and sports betting platforms must meet the following criteria:

Company Registration in Curacao: A company should be duly established and recognized under the jurisdiction’s legal framework. Any aspiring online gaming entity must have a company officially registered in Curacao, complete with a physical address.

Designation of a Local Representative: A local representative, or someone authorized to act on behalf of a company within a jurisdiction, is mandatory. Efforts to secure a Curacao gambling license without this representative are futile. If appointing such a representative proves challenging, a viable alternative is designating a resident as the managing director.

Detailed Game Descriptions: Applicants should provide comprehensive descriptions of the games they intend to offer to their audience.

Website Usage Guidelines: Curacao’s regulatory bodies require clarity on the rules governing a company’s website. Considering the global reach of online platforms, obtaining a license in Curacao requires strict adherence to responsible gaming norms, ensuring players are aware of both the rules and inherent gambling risks.

Proof of Domain Ownership: The unique web address, or domain name, of your gaming site should be legally owned by your company. Evidence of this ownership is a crucial part of the application process.

On-site Physical Server: Prospective licensees should maintain a physical server, essentially a robust computer housed within a data center, within Curacao’s jurisdiction.

Implementation of AML Protocols: Implementing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures is non-negotiable. Applicants should detail their AML strategies, especially as they pertain to individual players.

Technical Audit Documentation of Gaming Software: License seekers must present a technical evaluation of each gaming software they employ. This assessment, preferably from a recognized testing agency, ensures all gaming tools align with established remote gambling and software guidelines.

RNG Certificate Submission: An RNG (Random Number Generator) Certificate, which vouches for the fair and unpredictable nature of number generation within games, is imperative. It attests to a game’s fairness and transparency in payouts. Casinos in operation or those about to launch must possess this certificate.

Exclusion of Minors and Specific Residents: License aspirants must commit to prohibiting registrations from minors (individuals under 18) and residents of specific regions like the United States and the Netherlands Antilles.

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